Fiverr, so for those of you who are fortunate enough not to know what it is, fiverr is a freelance platform that takes 20% profit from well, profit made using the platform. That includes tips from buyers. It has nothing to do with what the rant is about, I just wanted to mention it.

So I had a "gig" that was doing really well, new customers every week, the analytics stated I had 2.1k impressions(and I dont even advertise). Then recently I gkt a push notification that said I needed to edit my gig, I was a bit confused. Then almost immediately after, I got an email saying my gig was taken down for copyright infringement. That made me really annoyed because all I ever made for buyers was my own code and screenshots. I contacted customer support, still waiting for a reply.

P.s. I am pretty sure this is my first rant😀

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    @Alice Sure its the websites fault, not the devs that actually sell their shit on there
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    @Alice So people from poorer countries dont generally work for less? What does a site have to do with all that?
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    @Alice People do it because its still a lot of money in their country and clients generally try to get the best deal. Its a win-win to them.
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    @Alice Thats how markets work. Ask yourself why almost every product is produced in China.
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    @nett18 Hope everything goes your way. This happened with me last year. My gig that was doing pretty well suddenly got a copyright strike. They're very vague in explaining why they're removing your gig and who did the copyright strike.
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    @samsepiol thanks😀
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    Alice is gone... necro
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