When will people understand that you can't get quality software made for $5 by some random from Fiverr? Just as I'm about to confirm a quick Freelance job they tell me they've found someone on Fiverr that will do it for a fraction of the amount. It's happening more and more. Don't get me wrong, I'm still getting plenty of work but I see it as a bit of an insult. Comparing the quality of work I do with someone who pumps out 5 programs an hour.

And yes, I do realise there are people on Fiverr that do care about their work, there just doesn't seem to be many of them.

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    I have gotten several lost jobs like that back by just waiting about a month and checking back in with them to see how the project is going. Usually it's not going well and they hire me to do it after all.
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    I prefer the term 'shits out' as it's a more accurate reflection of the quality.
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    Actually it might be funny to show these people up and do a one off deal...
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    @divil That's why i said one off but yeah they would probably just take advantage rather than appreciate it.
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    @divil shame really, i kind of like the idea of helping people out every now and then but there is probably better ways than that.
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    I was looking at freelance jobs and one wanted a senior developer to fix their bugs LOL oh but that's not the good bit, they wanted to pay minimum wage...(can't do a lot with minimum wage in New Zealand, it might seem like a lot but that's relative to how expensive things are)
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    Welcome to globalization. When there are places on earth where 5$ get you through a week and you don't need the newest macbook to get the job done, those guys are in advantage, because the internet brings them directly to your clients doorbell.
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    I just found a freelance job that wants $5 for a website built from scratch LOL
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    new Zealand ... 5$ ... is this some kind of sick joke from them oO
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    @vadimir dunno but from the few freelance websites I've seen majority of the people are from India wanting less than minimum wage (not trying to be racist or anything, they really we're from India), I can't compete with things like that :/ how the fuck do I earn enough to live somewhere when people are literally wanting $5 for a website :/
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