"iOS Development is easier"

Yeah, right? There's no dropdown, no checkbox, no radio button, no placeholder for multiline textfields, ...


You have to manually do everything yourself and lay things out in their messy slow Xcode. Apple doesn't include important things only because they have randomly decided not to include them! Fuck this job.

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    They don't include features because it can show possible weak spots in their OS.

    Sheeps don't know better they buying the products.
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    Come on don't be lazy, you can code all that :P

    If I will regret doing mobile development, it is because of Apple shit and XCode extra shit

    Wish it was the OS to die instead of Windows Phone...

    You know what, wish both died and not only Windows phone ...
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    Strangely, I‘ve never felt the need to include dropdowns in my iOS apps, and I can’t think of any good apps that make use of them.
    Instead of checkboxes, there are switches.

    But yeah, most more advanced elements require a DIY approach 🙌
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    On second thought, dropdowns are definitely useful, there are great third-party libraries available, but yeah, it sucks that you would need them
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    Also don't forget about the whole certificates and provisioning profiles hassle for mobile development.
    Drives me nuts!
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    My favourite xcode feature of the day , is when there is a type error in a function call in objC, the jump to definition doesnt work, so that you could see what type is required.
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