Mac: Suddenly turns off
Me: Fuck my code..F***
Mac: No response at all
Me: reset SMC etc etc
Mac: I am dead (no battery detection, dies after 10 min on power adaptor)
Me: Skips a heart beat..(Git, oh yea git)

**Takes Mac to store, After diagnosis**

Apple Freaking Genius (AG): Your Mac has a mother board problem it needs to be replaced.
Me: Hmm what is the problem exactly??
AG: Issues in logic board and some other components.
Me: How much?
AG: Out of warranty so $$$ (60% of original amount)
Me: (wtf?) Really
AG: It's entire motherboard replacement .. bla bla

**Bring it home > open > everything seems ok on multimeter as per circuit diagram > finally finds a voltage drop that is not consistent > minute short circuit > remove > check further > nothing else > reassemble > hit power button > starts fine > freaking battery detected > works fine**

0 $ repair

Fixes two more devices @ 0 $ in friend circle

Builds a raspberry pi backup laptop with 3d printed body..Ubuntu.. you know can't live without a computer

#ThugLife #Engineer

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    I have a dream, that one day I can fix my own pc or motherboard without relying on stupid cunts just like you did
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    I'm a little envious.
    I barely even know the basics of electronics. ☹
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    @desirous are you just flirt devtea? heeeeeeeee
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    i was once repair my own LGA1151 motherboard. i found 1 bent pin, and 2 out of 4 broken VRM. so i fix it my self and only cost me ~20$
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    @desirous 😂😂😂😂 i thought you were
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    @devTea If I were you I would invest some time into learning electronics, believe me it won't be a waste, there are a lot of great resources out there.
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    @HRT-713 maybe after I finish my 2nd degree since I'm also working

    @CodePatronus yup, it's there for quite a while now
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    You sir, are a badass.
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    @theKarlisK "Believe in me who believe in you"
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    you might enjoy Louis Rossmann's videos on youtube.

    thirdparty apple repair shop videoing his repairs which are basically always of the kind you described here.

    interspersed with justified shitting on apple explaining all of their technical bullshittery.

    such as routing main power through the touchpad in some models, meaning when your touchpad stops working, the whole computer stops booting.

    just because.
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    Louis Rossmann for all your mac repair learning! Seriously though, it's a really good YouTube channel
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    And Rossman doesn't just do motherboard repairs on his channel. He actually has a lot of videos, with really great life advice too
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    @devTea What are you studying in your 2nd degree? If you don't mind me asking.
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    @HRT-713 Computer science... again, yeah I hate myself too
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    Ohh the perks of being a Genius
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    Lately I had to reset the SMC on three brand new MacBookPros.
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    @A-C-E naaa Louis can't code.
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    @devTea Good luck, if you ever need some resources to start learning electronics, I can send you some.
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    @Root @devTea @YuganshT79

    Guys it's not that difficult trust me using a multimeter to check Voltage, resistance, current is a piece of cake & electronic circuits for most laptops are available on internet, even soldering and stuff is also fairly easy.

    @devTea with electronics it's just a matter of time before you get that opportunity :P
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    @duckWit thanks

    @wowotek Awesome

    @A-C-E nope :p

    @Midnigh-shcode thanks for the info

    @Bitwise freaking motherboard replacement costs as much as a decent Dell lappy ..
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    @CuriousDroid sadly not all devices have schematics and boardviews available.

    Apple is one of those that you get no support from the OEM, but the community is great.
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    @RageBone Yea the community is really good :)
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    When they say they're gonna replace the motherboard, don't they just do that so they can get it back to you as soon as possible and then fix the motherboard for the next person that needs one? It's not the diagnosis, it's the price.

    Or do they actually toss it 😥
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    @Drewtato depends.
    But they do shred a lot of stuff.
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    I tried to learn the basics of electronics but it's so much information and I don't know what's essential and what not. All I was able to do until now was replacing some LEDs... I would never risk to repair something like a motherboard...
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    You're such an inspiration duude!
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    That's so cool. Have you guys seen this? https://youtu.be/9-NU7yOSElE
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