there was a post about banning of Alex Jones and a pretty interesting discussion unravelled under it.
To those who participated, and are interested in the topic, I recommend watching this video with new information, kind of proving my point from that discussion and elaborating on it.

(For example, Mastercard is now revoking cards from people with... "incorrect opinions", it seems)


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    And another important piece of context about Jones is the fact that he harassed parents of dead children and he enables his followers to do the same. Amongst other actually damaging things that he does.

    And the guy you linked is a manbaby who quite often omits information and cites sources that disagrees with what he says. He is the kind of person who will dress up as a baby in order to “own the libs”
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    MasterCard and shit similar to that is just insane.

    About the video, though... Man, I can't listen to one realistically saying "sjw" like that meant something without rolling on the floor. Especially when the things come down to "they're attacking us!1? Only because we have our own ideas!1!!! Orwellian nightmare!!1" It's pretty entertaining since they seem to accuse others of crying wolf everytime.
    And the people he defends.... wtf? Even worse dude. Also: "progressive hoes". And you wonder why they take the banhammer on your head?

    I'm not into censorship and you know why? Exactly because it gives breath to the mouth for everyone and trip someone into believing they're being targeted even if no one cares about their ass.
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