Now I feel a bit bad about the guy I ranted about before, who did all the talk but none of the work. I started to tell my colleagues and even my boss about my impression. And my boss concurred, was actually so fed up with him that he confronted him...
Later on turned out he was the only one able to repair our mangled git history. Dunno how it'll pan out. The guy is also our 'scrum master'. Maybe doesn't always have to be love, peace and harmony. Time to explore our darker sides and yank out some motherfucking code.

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    Git isn't that hard to learn, even the """advanced""" stuff. Merging correctly, rebasing correctly, and fixing bad merges/rebases isn't that hard to do. A git workshop for you & your coworkers is going to be a lot cheaper than keeping on one guy who only serves as the "git guy".
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