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Sometimes it's a great feeling when you changing your self vector and start to spent time on something new that you have wanted to try out or didn't spent enough time before.

Yesterday I were full stack developer, today - independent musician which tries to spread his feelings and vision.

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    Good luck @Rozz! Always good to jump into a personal project like this! Such a satisfying feeling!
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    you got my respect. i always appreciate everyone who fight themselves out of a rat race
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    Good work! Impressed that you dare to take the leap 😊
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    U what?! That's freakishly amazing dude!!! Have a great time ahead of u 😎😎😁😁❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉
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    That's cool! May we have a listen to your stuff? I'm curious :D 💙
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    What kind of music do you want to produce?
    Besides that, best of luck!
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    Best of luck. Even tho the music industry is in the dumpsters right now I hope it will work out for you
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    Oy look at the size of this dudes brass balls
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    @Gaetano96 of course, but everything is still in progress, first single will be published on August 22, just don't want to self advertise there 😅
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    @beggarboy when I've first touched DAW only what could've been produced from me were well... toxic if I could say that, but we're talking about my first experience 3-4 years ago.

    And back to the genre, I'm not trying to keep myself in one genre but not trying to include 10-in-1. I would've described it as spacious progressive ambient but that description can be changed with time.
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    @Rozz I am heavily into electro that creates a detailed atmosphere and gives your ears the opportunity to dive in and explore while you listen to a dope track. If you'd like I could link you my playlist. Maybe you can find some inspiration in there if you're interested. But definitely make sure to lmk when your first track drops.
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    @beggarboy that's what I see in the music, it's like each track is a small universe and listener is a spaceship which were dropped somewhere in that space at the random point. Sometimes you can drift in that universe countless hours, sometimes you grossed out by something new, sometimes its just speechless.

    You can email me a link to your playlist: mail at devrant-name dot me, I would gladly dive into.
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    @Rozz Oh I have no problems dropping it here, it's public anyway.
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    @Rozz When you want/can, please keep me updated :D thanks 💙
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