In love with Laravel events, listeners and mailables. What a beautiful way of doing this. Can't say how much I love this framework. <3

Can't wait to implement redis and queues. Am excited to try this for the first time. Share exp. if you have, pls.

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    📌 because of professional curiosity
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    @1989 I'll start working with Laravel next month, and I'm generally and genuinely interested in learning new things. Is that so weird?
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    Professional curiosity killed CEO Mr. Kitty
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    Try it with laravel modules, even better and easier to manage.

    + @CoffeeNcode same suggestion if it's a little big app
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    Haven't done any queue yet. But the whole events, notifications, listeners and observers are very useful.
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    @Jakuho on the first glance this seems to be more complicated and difficult to start with.

    Laravel provides good docs and many many resources and tutorials for doing all kinds of stuff.
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