Hmm.... where are the rants?

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    He doesn't rant.
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    @jonii Thank you for the mention

    And yes, as @Cyanide said, my life is too good to rant, so I just comment.

    (Or my profile is bugged and you can't see what I write. Who knows *shrugs*)
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    @Jilano Tell us the stories of thine good life then lol

    After all, it is labeled "rant/story"
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    @Stuxnet "If you really want to know the secret, I'll tell you... But beware!"

    No honestly nothing interesting. I just started to comment and after a while, it became: "How far can I go without a rant".
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    @Jilano that’s must have feel like a challenge when playing a game, no potion until the end, or 0 damage attempt
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    @devTea Haha! I guess so, games need to be challenging anyway!
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