True story? Idk, just made me laugh

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    you fucked the manager, you're promoted
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    What kind of "water" can totally block the light of a projector ? 🍷
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    @osx94 non-transparent bottle?
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    He should ask for a raise in front of them all after that
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    That wasn't a real question but I give you +1 🙂
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    @osx94 Any water bottle beside a perfectly smooth one would scatter the light enough to be as good as invisible anyway. Most water bottles are not very smooth.
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    It's probably a difference between region.
    On my region almost all the bottle are clear, especially with water 😉
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    I love this post so much i want to marry it and have kids with it. Then i want to cheat on it with this same post but on the webapp
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    @osx94 said smooth, not clear.
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    It was so cool, there were new units, new maps, new features, etc. A full version of Happy Wheels is just amazing.
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