I think I'm losing my mind working in the IT Department. 😂 Sometimes the questions are UNBELIEVABLE!

Client: Hi, my computer is not working.

Me: Hi, what's wrong with it?

Client: IDK. It won't work.

Me: Alright, what do you see on your screen?

Client: Nothing!

Me: Nothing as in there are no icons on your desktop or black screen?

Client: Oh, black screen.

Me: Is your monitor on? Do you see a light on the power-on button?

Client: Yes, it's white.

Me: Ok, good. What about your computer? Is it turned on?

Client: Well, I never turn off my computer so I assume it's on. I leave it as is when I leave the office then log-in in the morning when I come in.

**At this point I realized this person doesn't even lock the computer until it locks by itself after a while.

Me: Ok please turn on your computer by pressing the power button with a thin line on it. It should turn white.

Client: Ok but as I said I don't turn it off so why should I turn it on? Did it turn off by itself?

Me: That can happen.

Client: Ok....oh wait, it working! Thank you so much. Sorry if I was a little pain. I am a little stressed out this morning.

Me: No problem. Glad it worked. Have a good day.

*Hangs up confused. I mean really confused. Smh

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    Wow. Just wow. How do you manage to stay professionel in cases like that?
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    @Pavr lol I prepare my mind and pray every time I go in. 😂 And always remind myself to stay calm cos sometimes I wonder if I'm dreaming or it's reality. Ha
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    @RantSomeWhere haha I'll get more next week. Glad it's Friday.
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    Ha ha I work in IT as well and some one came in saying my laptop doesn't work, those damn Russians got me (obviously kidding) lol. Turns out he got the folder with the question mark icon on boot a MacBook pro.
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    @brucekira haha these clients man. Btw, I have you your first ++. 😁 Welcome to devRant.
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    Yes. It can happen. People get stressed. They miss obvious things. Does everybody here assume that if somebody isn't tech savvy he or she is an idiot?
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    @skqr Exactly my thoughts. Kudos to the guy on the other end for going so far as to apologize for it.
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    @skqr If you've been working with computers for a long time and you don't know how to turn it off/on, then what will others think of you? Plus whenever there's an update, we send an email with instructions to them to restart. If there will be power outage in the office, we ask everyone to shut down with instructions including even pictures.
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    @evanjs the reason why the person apologized was because of the rude tone attitude towards me when I was calm all that time providing assistance. Not because they called for help.
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    @suprano oh I figured. Maybe it's just me but I feel like that, if anything, really helps in those cases. People can do dumb things under stress (I know I'm certainly no exception - especially while coding), but it's not often that they apologize after they flare up, especially when IT/a "computer-specialist" needs to help. It's usually something like "rage, blame IT, and leave" etc.
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    I've heard it all in my 20+ years experience. The worst I experienced myself was when working for Tiscali - old woman tipex'ing her screen - I shit you not.
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    @matsaki95 The tape one wasn't even available when I took that call...
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    "Hello IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
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    In a Office, After a Black Out, workers noticed the software they use can't work online...nobody remembered ti switch on the server...
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    *I'm stressed out so wanted to annoy someone
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    @skqr my thoughts exactly, I have missed some very stupid thing when I am stressed and half frenzied; also if there was a help desk for using power tools, I think I would be calling them with stupid questions too.
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    My favourite is always “the internet is broken” (can’t connect) or “I can’t find the google” (can’t work out how to open chrome)
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    @Brolls funny you say that because I dealt with someone like that today lol except she realized her files weren't backing up. This one was smart. I applaud her. 👏👏
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