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I was just on my way to work back from the University cafeteria when a guy in a black car - who I thought was moving the car out of a parking lot - stopped the car and asked if I had a second.
Naive me, thinking he might need directions or something decided to listen to him.
He looked older, around 60ish, with sunglasses on ( making it harder for me to read him).
He said that he had a stroke (or something) a few years ago and got damage to his brain, so that sometimes it can happen that he would faint. Therefore, he cannot go swimming unsupervised, and was asking if I would have the time to accompany him to the university lake, so that he could swim for an hour or so. He offered to pay me 40 bucks.
Me, being paranoid af, declined politely, saying I have to go to work ( which was actually true).
He goes on to say how he was a teacher, how he worked at the university before, how I look trustworthy, how I am the first person he asks today, and asked if he could have my number, so that he could call me sometime to supervise the swimming. I would just need to look out for him not to drown and if anything looks weird I should alarm the people working at the lake ( lookouts? not sure what they are called).
I kept declining politely and he backed off, letting me go without any fuzz.
Previously he also mentioned how some students are rich, others are poor, and how he would have done anything for 20 bucks back in the day. But also said that he accepts a no and won't bother me further.

He also mentioned he wouldn't lay a hand on me, that he is not a creep, since I could see his car and license plate, and if I gave him my number, I would also have his. That I shouldn't worry about anything, if I later decided to say no he would delete my number, and that he is not big on the technology and Internet so nothing would happen.

Uhh... well if he was genuine I'm sorry for him, but then you can just ask authorities at the beach to pay more attention to you, no?
Mentioning "all my worries" raised a red flag for me sort of.
Also, if you keep on fainting occasionally, even if you haven't fainted in 2 years, how are you allowed to drive? Or actually, why do you even drive then?
I don't know. The more I think about it, the more I think I should have taken a picture of the car or license plate.
And there are literal services for this kind of thing. Pretty sure you can get one of these if you are willing to pay even.
Jeez now I'm worried for the entire population of my university...

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    You were definitely right to be paranoid...
    Why would he even go swimming in the lake? If he wants to be supervised he could just go to a pool and mention it to a lifeguard or something
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    @Orni he said the chlorine in the pool upsets his skin. But yeah, the more I think about it, the creepier it gets.
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    @hasu Good decision, too bad you didn't get a license plate picture. Damn creeps, ruining people's trust in the normal populace
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    @1989 the "rant" was added automatically so Ididn't even see it until you pointed it out, the !rant was added by me. :P
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    That's totally bogus. If there had been even the tiniest ounce of truth to it, he would have asked a man because that would offer at least some chance to get him out of the water in case of need. Otherwise, it doesn't make a difference whether he drowns alone or there is a witness when he drowns.

    Letting you read the licence plate isn't really a thing if he makes sure you can't tell anyone afterwards.

    I'd tell the police what has happened if you still remember the licence plate. At the very least, he is a danger for traffic and should not drive a car at all.
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    @Fast-Nop @bigus-dickus I wish I would have taken a picture of that licence plate when he was driving off. He mentioned that he is not from my city but somewhere 100 km away... I wasn't sure if I should call the authorities or not, because I don't have anything on him except my suspicion and that it was a big-ish black car.

    And knowing how things are being dealt with - we had burglars break into our house before - not much that could be done. They wouldn't have followed him or anything anyway unless something really happened.
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    @hasu I bet you campus security would’ve done something, if you have it and if the police wouldn’t
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    @hasu I agree that they wouldn't have followed him right away - but in case something happens, police would have a promising trace.

    But the "don't go with strangers or into their cars" thing never gets old, that was already around in the 80's when I was young.
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    @Orni I'm not aware of any campus security tbh. Never seen anyone. Some buildings get guards after dark but that's it.
    After a shooting warning there was security. But otherwise? Nop. Just specific buildings but nothing general.
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