Sometimes I like to see how the other side live and just watch people in a computer store.

There are the nervous tip-toers who don't want to attract attention. The point and lookers, who read the sign and nod and show they understood.

There are the ones who just wander aimlessly trying to look like they know what they want.

Finally there are the 'expert helpers' who know enough 'techie' words to convince anyone around that they know what they're talking about.

It's like a people zoo.

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    Yeah ... and most employees are pretty clueless as well.

    I once had a Best Buy manager thank me because I basically sold a customer two Surface Pros ... this is when they were first out and MS had the whole WinRT vs Windows debacle getting started.

    His staff didn't really have a clue what they were talking about so I explained the differences between the two tablets and why he would want to go the Pro route if he wanted to run regular Windows programs.

    Of course, now I feel a little bad because I bought one and returned it. V1 just wasn't quite ready. Oops. :/
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