As a programmer, I either feel like I’m a god and I’m superior to everyone in this company OR I am an idiot and everyone knows what they are doing except me.

Programming is an illusion. It’s just a “feeling”. Programming doesn’t exist.

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    Do you code in Schrödinger?
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    “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

    ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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    Noone not the brightest, nor the best know what they're doing. As in whatever they're doing is going to work or not? Whatever they're doing makes sense to anyone else, would impact anything else?

    Life is an illusion. Welcome to the matrix
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    @Brosyl and then use it to create software for remote nuke attack. So a Boolean could act true or false no matter what you set it.
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    @gymmerDeveloper @Brosyl This sounds like a great idea for a javascript framework.
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    @Brosyl Trump: "Don't you worry about North Korea, me and little kim are going to be fine. I've got the best people and they made this BEUTY! This BEAUTIFUL algorithth ... OH ITS GORGEOUS! Yeah so this algea is going to solve all our problems with north korea! BELEIVE ME!
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    @oudalally the wise one. 🙏
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    nothing, by definition, does not exist, so what is left is, existence.

    existence is infinite. it has no end, no beginning, and therefore, no creator.

    this universe is not existence. it is an infinitely small part of existence.

    everything is empty and meaningless. nothing has been given a meaning.

    so what is the point of living? meaning lives in the mind. you create meaning.

    as brutally true as that is, it's scary and depressing to think about it.
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    @SukMikeHok some one has read to many Buddhist books ;)

    Sunyata ftw!

    You forgot to mention that consciousness and matter are co-existant rather than a product of the other.
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    @irene That sounds like a perfect environment to train an AI in. I mean it would probably kill us all once it became self aware, but THINK OF THE SCIENCE!!!
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    @irene I was just thinking of an AI trying to execute actions that only execute sometimes and there is no actual reason for it and having their data degrade every time they access it. A bit like real life, actually. So the AI would probably become a homicidal maniac like the rest of us.
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