Anyone used base 12 in a project before?
Read about it on the internet (duo decimal, dodecimal, dozenal, etc) and I wonder if:
* There are useable implementations.
* Actual use cases.
* Have you used it in projects before?

Trivia: before Napoleon raged in Europe, a lot of citizens counted in 12. Think of your clock or legacy money.

I'm especially interested in the use cases. I bet there are implementations, just haven't bothered to Google them yet.

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    Maybe BASE-12 could be an alternative to ROT-13.
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    Dewey decimal system anybody? bOoM sHaKalaKa baBy
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    Actually base 12 is really logical. People can count to 12 with a single hand: use your thumb to count your knuckles (or however finger bones are called) :)
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