2 monitors on armatures, PC tower, mac mini, gaming mouse with 17 buttons, Bose speakers, UPS, height-adjustable standing desk, and ~2 miles of cables

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    Out of curiosity, how do you like your Mac mini? And what use does it serve?
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    Do you have sauce with that spaghetti under your desk? 😉
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    You wasted money on the bose speakers
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    ++ for ~2 miles cable
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    @Gerrymandered mac mini has been and still is the best mac product there is.
    Powerfull enough, still upgradeable, small format.
    Even portable if you are brave enough and have the right companion hardware.

    You can use it as whatever you like (except gaming), a coding setup, a small server, storage (with extra external storage)
    Basically whatever you would use medium specs pc or a pi
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    @mundo03 I have a ‘12 MacBook Pro and amongst other apple products.
    I always hear mixed reviews on Mac mini’s in all sorts of applications. Good to know you at least have a positive experience tho ;)
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    Seems david uses a MacBook as his main device, while Tim opts for a windows desktop. Diversity.
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    @AlgoRythm @trogus is a Windows guy all the way
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    Oh dude the cables.... the cables "/
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    @Gerrymandered it is all about the price, everything else is over priced.
    You could get another small factor computer for the same price ad the mini, which is fair.

    There is a reason why the mac mini is not as advertised.

    Fair price + macOS = good deal
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    @dfox I personally love MacOS but it's the hardware that really gets me. The OS is very shiny though, despite being a little locked down. My ideal workstation is no GUI at all though. I'll be participating in this week's theme ;) just can't decide if beach or uni or poolside. 1st world issues.
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    That wire arrangement doubles as a mouse trap.
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    Something stopped working let me just try replugging it .. Oh wait ! shit !!
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    And I thought my desk was messy.
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    And barrel of oil.
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    Maximize your windows ffs! 😧
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    This cable hell about matches mine 😅
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    nice setup! you've got some good old cable porn going on underneath.
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    I can see you crawling under your desk when you need to change something. Figuratively. @theNSA can probably literally.
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    Raising the standing desk makes getting at the mess of cables super easy, so not too bad with that easy access.

    Macmini has served me well. Bought it to do some iOS development a few years ago, and also use it for Sketch and other mac-only design software. I've been building my own PCs since I was in high school, I can't justify the expense of a $2500 MacBook pro unless my employer is paying for it. Also I find working on the single screen of a laptop to be frustrating and unproductive, so I have never seen the appeal of working at a coffee shop
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    @jAsE those are the controls for the standing desk
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    U forgot to mention your duck. Which language does it speak ?
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