Amazon API ... seriously...this thing is documented over 3 different pdfs in 3 different locations with 3 different requestpattern, 2 different answerpattern and requestthrottling per minute and per hour takes the rest...and then you just do basic stuff e.g. request all orders that were refunded by amazon... who the hell designed this mess?

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    I don't know about that, but when I used Amazon AWS it also felt really messy. I switched to DigitalOcean because of how messy the control panel was. I understand they are trying to give more control. But that doesn't necessarily means it has look cluttered.
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    the truth has been told.
    And their ROUTE 53 sucks ass
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    i feel you bruh
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    I had to write a cron to download all the orders from amazon and create them on our system to allow actual dispatch.

    I know that feeling way too good man.
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