- Sometimes seeing all of you people have jobs as coders makes me depressed 😅.
- I couldn't even write a program (a few weeks ago) to insert an element into an array and shift the proceeding elements up one location 😩😢😓.
- Yes, that's how beginner I am 😳.
- Please, Don't kick me out of the community 😨.

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    We all started as beginners, if you put in the effort you will get there!
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    GET OUT!!!!

    just kidding, anyone who can behave is welcome dev or no dev. Except testers. We dont like testers here.. (@Floydian)
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    @Floydian bon soir
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    I still look up methods to work with arrays and Ive been a dev for about 3 years now, lmao

    Dont sweat it kid
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    I was in your situation four years ago. Now I can build a complete website Just be patient
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