I have a technical job interview via phone call later today and would like some advice on what to prepare for.

The role is Junior Web Developer and here is what's expected of me:

- Good knowledge of HTML and CSS
- Some knowledge of Javascript
- Some experience with a PHP framework such as Laravel
- Some experience developing themes for content management systems such as WordPress
- Basic familiarity with Git or other VCS

Those are fairly low requirements and I meet or exceed them individually but just want to ensure I prepare properly.

What can I expect?

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    @sergiolarosa89 you're right. I've been developing for two years. I spend hours every day web deving. I should be more confident as he worst case scenario is I gain interview experience and apply for another job.
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    actually, when you read 'WordPress' and they don't ask you a '5 || 3 years experience with Js':

    chill out! :)

    let us know how it goes!
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    Well, it went really well. He asked some technical things about php including asking me what's wrong with an sql query that was using the POST object without it being escaped.
    Now I'm on phase two which is writing a small laravel app that will get code reviewed next week! ­čśŐ
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