The most annoying question, that has been asked many times through centuries.. here it goes again:

What Editor would you choose for Web, React.js, React Native and Flutter on Mac:

Atom || VSCode

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    Atom is just slow
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    use Web storm
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    @NoMad Another vote for sublime
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    Can't say much but I've used atom and vscode.
    Atom is yet unable to provide integrated terminal for command prompt in Windows. Linux has one.
    I prefer atom because of its nicer looks and extended extension repository.
    I might have liked vscode if i weren't already using visual studio for cpp.
    Working with Atom lets me enjoy a different look & feel. Though i had to buy an ssd for it as it was slow on HDD.
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    I was big atom fan, but now prefer vscode
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    Vscode by a large margin.
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    vs code
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