q: how do you use your multiple monitor system? what do you put where?

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    Macbook Pro on a stand to the right, Ultrawide monitor in the middle, regular 1920x1080 monitor on the left. You will need a wide desk ;)
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    IDE on one screen and stack overflow on other screen
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    3 monitors (all the same size, normal orientation, horizontally next to each other).

    Left: Outlook, notepad++, browser for previewing, windows explorer (when transferring files).

    Middle: Multiple Visual Studios, Beyond Compare.

    Right: SQL Management Studio, Chrome Inspector, browser for Googling, Google Hangouts.

    Bonus: Taskbar configured to show buttons on the monitor the app is open on.
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    Two monitors and the laptop screen:

    Laptop: terminal split screen with music player.
    Monitor 1: IDE
    Monitor 2: either MySQL Workbench or any inspection tools that I need (logcat output, chrome devtool, etc)
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