TLDR; macOS wouldn’t update to the version I needed because I have a 3rd party SSD. All I needed was a firmware update only found deep within a google search and a secondary SO answer.

I have a video edit project this weekend. No big deal.

Except that the Final Cut Pro project was saved in the latest version of FCPX, for which I need latest MacOS version

As a music producer on the side, I had heard the new file system of MacOS High Sierra would possibly break audio plugins. I didn’t bother updating until now. Looked further into plugin problem, it would be simply a broken hard link which I can easily fix. No big deal.

Except that I have upgraded my MBP SSD from 256gb to this 3rd party 480gb SSD. macOS does not recognize this SSD as compatible with update. No big deal. Simple google search for a terminal command would do the trick.

Except that I found and tried several solutions, including wasting an entire hour updating the original ssd and booting from that to try to update it.

Nothing worked, but deep down in the google search, found in a secondary answer on SO, there was a link for a beta release of a firmware update for the SSD that took two minutes to install, and I was finally able to update.

That firmware update needs to be more prominent everywhere. Wasted well over 3-4 hours updating crap, swapping out SSDs, and googling when all I needed was a fucking firmware update.

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    Ah, the good old "It just works"...
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    @Artemix He mentioned in the rant he uses final cut Pro..
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    @Artemix I mean it's not really shit though is it? There are other alternatives but to say the software is shit when it's so prominent within the industry isn't exactly accurate is it
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    @Artemix Windows does that too? Try using Microsoft's office suite on Linux without Wine. Proprietary software is exactly that, it's proprietary.
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    @Artemix final cut Pro doesn't format the file so you can only open it in cut Pro either..
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    @Artemix most industry standard video editing programs such as FCPX and Premiere Pro, while they have an option to export to other formats, they’re pretty bad at it and usually end up breaking something. It’s not a simple word document. This editing project in particular requires FCPX because the business I’m doing it for uses that.

    I personally prefer the UI design of the Apple pro apps. Premiere is hard on my eyes.

    And I don’t know what you’re talking about, this Mac is almost five years old.
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    I mean... you did kind of do something Apple say you’re not supposed to, so idk.

    If you buy a Mac you kind of know what you’re getting into, no?

    Full disclosure: I have a 2018 MBP and have always been a fan of their stuff.
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    @Brolls true but I’m not complaining about apple, just the manufacturer of this SSD
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    @Artemix they provided the firmware update to their SSD but haven’t told anyone about it. Took me way too long to find it.
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