When 1 update isn't enough

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    When Windows takes over your TV
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    Windows is confused, TV not a PC, downloading additional drivers.
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    "how often is windows installing updates?"
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    Oh come on, everybody knows its the fake windows update site :)
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    select your preffered Windows edition, enter the page fullscreen and watch your victim go insane
    No way you havent heard of it
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    @ArcaneEye works very well in school. Got a day off and a very pissed teacher when my computer had to update all class right after it updated that morning.
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    @-BSD exactly. Adds a little excitement to the morning doesn't it? Just remember, when it gets to the end, you should hold the power button so it shuts down like normal during an update and spam enter for normal boot before the teacher realizes. Fun stuff
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    So you've installed 2 and a half windows in one go 🤔
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