This is comic successfully predicted the future.

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    @Yivlx I don't like apple, but man keep calm
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    Apple is my least favourite. But I have to say, they fool pretty well the average user.
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    @Yivlx @SweetHuman I agree the only thing they increase is the size, maybe Steve Jobs wants to compensate something 🤔
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    As much as I hate apple products, they certainly know how to market. And Jobs was a great salesperson. Without competition the marketplace would go stale so I still see them as a necessary evil.
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    @sylar182 yeah that's how I feel about gates and jobs, both are/was good business salesmen. Microsoft got started good cause of a contract that made each company selling it pay per processor, apple sold to the hipsters
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    @KnightsOfCode I've been eyeing retina MB pro for few weeks now. I've never seen a product on amazon where prices changes this much. I've been seeing + / - $150 price change every day!
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    @KnightsOfCode damn! Not again. Why are they always removing essential stuff! If Windows 10 update didn't suck that much, I'd have gone with surface pro
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    "Suck the Surface, the surface of my dick."
    Epic 😂😂😂😂😂
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    "Essential stuff".. the VHS was once essential.. and flash.. once cars would not work without gas too.. now were moving towards pure energy.

    SD, AUX and similar are old and horrible technologies. USB-C and Bluetooth all the way.. and in like 5-6 years, something even better will be implemented and people will hate companies for removing USB-C.
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    @SithLord SD cards are obsolete? Well... ask all those photographers with Macs...
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    Hating apple is like hating Rolex
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    @Yivlx I'm 🍏 hater too.
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