Watching reviewers on a website review the new Eminem album 12 hours after its release is like watching a 10 year old review a scientific paper by Stephen Hawking with a quick skim.

Yes, the child should be entitled to their opinion. But No, no one with any sense should be listening to this child’s opinion.

If you gave a lil pump “album” a 7/10 and Kamikaze a 4/10 then your opinion is invalid, end of story.

But it’s all good. 95% of people are stupid and that’s just how it works, it’s nothing to be angry about. Just try to be in the 5%.

End of rant.

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    why is everyone stupid except me
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    Ofcourse the reviewers opinion is worthless, he is reviewing (c)Rap.
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    I’m going to rant a little here in the comments of my own rant...

    So, something I have noticed is that most people seem to see no difference between the quality of a thing and their personal opinion that thing.

    As far as I am concerned a review (from and publication) is about the quality of the thing and not the persons opinion of it. If I want an opinion then I will go to one of the 1000+ meaningless opinions in the black hole of horse shit that is YouTube reaction videos. That’s what used to make these professional publication different from the couple in their apartment recording videos for no one to ever watch.

    To illustrate this I will give an example.

    Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles

    This isn’t an album I play often, it isn’t my favourite Beatles album. I would say I end up listening to it 1-2 times a year and always with some other Beatles fan.

    So, from the common opinion about “reviews” I should probably give it a 5/10. It’s playable but that’s about it for me.

    But I wouldn’t do that. You know why? Because I’m not a fucking moron!

    I can recognize that, even with my general apathy for it, it is one of the greatest masterpieces in that form of music. It takes so many different forms of music and does them in a flawless manner. I cannot image a way to perfect the sounds they made more. Even if those sounds don’t necessarily appeal to me.

    Quality is about choosing a field and doing everything possible to perfect that field. Quality isn’t about making a hit. It isn’t about staying with trends. It’s about fucking quality.

    This isn’t directly related to Eminem or even rap. It’s related to the masses of self possessed people who cannot detach their opinion from the judgment of quality.

    The fact is, I wouldn’t go and rate chick flicks, because I think they are garbage. I have no idea what makes a quality chick flick, so I will leave that review to those who do understand it.
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    I didnt mind lil pump too much until he got that new song out about drugs.

    He obviously has great beat taste but all his lyrics, from the one i understand, are the same.

    Some one from the family is my groupie.

    I never had a job.

    I take drugs.

    I got a fridge on my neck/wrist.
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    @Santaclauze I honestly don’t even mind the kids.

    Every form of music devolves with enough time and then becomes something almost unrecognizable.

    Rock used to be Led Zeppellin, fleetwood Mac etc. Thy were the radio plays. Then over time it devolved until we had Backstreet boys and NSync. So instead of good singing, great song writing and musical talent we got homogenized singers singing song written by old white men at the record label.

    The same is happening to hip hop. It’s essence is dissolving. It used to be about lyrics (well actually it is the five areas of rapping, DJs, Graffitti artists, break dancers and knowledge of self. But let’s not get too deep here). And now it’s about lean and mumbling.

    Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with change.

    But in the same way that we had to find a new name for the NSyncs and Backstreet boys (pop music was the word chosen) so wish we could find another word for this mumbly, drug addicted music. Maybe pop-rap, but that sounds a little too clean for a bunch of drug addicts.

    I propose we just call is garbage. Hahaha

    In the spirit of eminem.

    🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽tell them to eat a dick .

    Respect to the modern rappers who actually hone their craft. Kendrick, Big Sean, J Cole, and many others.
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    @leanrob 💯 !!!
    Gosh I want to rant about manBunKelly in here . The #1 retard.
    Tell me if you interested 🤣 we can have a good conversation.
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    @ceee Yeah. For sure.

    To be honest, even though the diss wasn’t near Eminem’s level, I do have to respect the guy for firing back.

    I don’t imaging he would response after the Killshot diss track, that’s shit was fire.

    I hope Em just stays in the both throwing bars at everyone. I am living it!!!
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    @leanrob I mean yeah it takes guts to diss Eminem. But it was a risk worth taking. A huge publicity stunt.
    And I am assuming you say the interviews. Mgk dissed Eminem first, by throwing those subliminally bars. Mgk kinda over reacted. And now he is in denial.
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