The frontend guys do not know how to be a real programmer!

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    I'll ask you when you have done some work on front-end.
    I would write thousands of php lines rather than writing a mix of html css jquery and related frameworks
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    on today's episode of stupid shit I've seen on the internet, we have this comment!
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    @fahad3267 frontend guys made too many stupid framework/library without programmer's best practice.
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    Good stuff with bad UI is bad stuff. Frontend devs are also an important part of the picture. Says me as low level pointer magician.
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    @Stuxnet this one's gonna get good
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    I've had my fair ammount of retarded absolutist trolls today, but are you serious?

    There is always room for retarded absolutist trolls.
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    I'm a backend dev. I'm able to reconize the works of front end devs, because it's their specialities and what they learnt to do, potencially for years, and I'm not able to do better front end development than them.

    I really think this rant is shit, and I'm going to downvote it.

    Wait, it's a too serious answer, what should I had to seem dumb? Oh well : Cya noob.
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    So I get the general sentiment of 'Hey respect the frontend devs it is way trickier than it looks!' but I will say I have seen some SHITTY frontend work. I prefer the backend but I am pretty full stack at this point and I write damn good JS/CSS/HTML combos including whatever framework you like because I know how to do it. So if you are complaining about frontend devs in general, then I agree that SHUT UP ITS TRICKY FUCKER. If you are complaining about frontent devs in specific, I might get that shitty frontend devs exist, but WRITE A BETTER RANT.
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    When your rant turns into a roast session
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    @Holyfield3000 Oops ^_^

    Oh hey I see you are new to devRant @madajock. Welcome!
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    No UI is the best UI, but this rant is bs.
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    @madajock so have backend guys
    As a general rule, everyone sucks at programming
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