I mean, this is going down the drain... I've just finished a shitty "devDay". Almost 60% of work on meetings, with a lot of actual work behind schedule. Stopped working (actual working) about 5 minutes ago. And then I come here, where I should be at peace, sharing my Friday rant, and what I come to... Memes, and lame rants about "debugging with print statements vs using a proper debugger"
Fuck that! This place is losing its magic. I mean, there are a lot of subreddits to post that shit. Fuck! Maybe one of these days, I'm going to find a fucking <insert famous pop/rap/K-pop star name> video on devRant...
FML, today was shitty, and all because of fucking bad api-specifications and all those pathetic "rants" (emphasis on the quotes) that I've found here

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    What exactly are you looking for on devRant? I too have been starting to find much of the content tedious but I'm not sure if it's for the same reasons.

    I guess what is the 'magic' you refer to?
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    Agreeing with your statement, the content is becoming tedious. To clarify my point of view, memes are awesome, but for programming jokes I can go to r/ProgrammerHumor...
    For the "magic":
    I've started posting on devRant because I could laugh and be angry at the same time about the shit that I (and shockingly *sarcasm*) every dev experience on her/his day-by-day job.
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    @marcorodnav Yeah I can see that. Of course in any community there will be a mix of dross and gold I suppose, and you can filter things out to some extent. I think your issue may be related to mine, though. To be honest, I came here to make friends. Whether it be bitching about my day to day life as a dev or just my day to day life, I just kind of came here to make friends among people who might be similarly minded. I'm not sure the features and algorithm are really good for that though.
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    @catadoxa Again I agree with you, I came here to share with people that share some of my day to day life. But my rant is about that I didn't came here to see reposts that I see on reddit/9gag/(or even the unspeakablebook social network haha)
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