So, my boss was angry at me today because...
1. "Why are we taking so long to finish the software?". We started coding in March, and during that time I kept asking for requirements, design and his answer was, "You build it and we'll see." . During that time, after creating the system with only three type of user modes, he was like "Oh, I want customized user permissions." Took me 1 month to come up with a design, implementation for everything. Also during these months, nearly 2 months was wasted because he kept giving me other things to do, and I was not focusing in my current project.

Today he was mad because he expect me not only to build the infrastructure, setup servers, write backend code, do QA etc, He wants me to be a product designer. A fucking product designer. My answer to him was "If you refuse to help with designing the UX, either hire someone or I will just copy/paste things for internet. If the UI works, there's where my job is done."

Fucking hell. Not only I am being under payed, but he expects do to the job of 5 other people. Fuck this shit.

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    Find another job, and tell your boss to fuck off.
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    This is becoming a trend.. :/

    When I need to change UI & not get instructions on how it should look/behave, I do what seems most fitting to me usability wise..with a shade of pink...

    But customers seem to not mind the pink anymore, so I'm switching to magenta in the future..
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    @cervantes01 That's the plan.
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    @sladuled It's fucking frustrating.
    Boss, " I want this"
    Me: "Describe how you want it"
    Boss: "I just want it. You are the engineer. you figure it out"
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    @TopsyKretts Haha I know.. have the same situation rn, but it's not only minor UI fixes.. I fuck up implementation every other system that uses this data will have incorect data aswell... o.O
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    Time to find a new job.
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    Sounds like your role is called "full stack developer"...
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    As it has been said, find a new job.

    In the meantime, let your boss approve your feature increments once a week. This does mean fully working UI, just give the current status and direction you are going.

    If he has something to add to the conversation, well great! If he does not care, tell him the specific feature will be put on hold and you will be working on something else until he does was bosses are for: making a damn decision!

    If he puts off your weekly meeting, that counts as "not caring".
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    *This does _not_ mean fully working UI

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    Quit. Now. It sounds terrible. I'm surprised you held up this long.
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    Damn right, fuck that and fuck frontend. I make it clear and bold that I will never do or touch the frontend in my resume.
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