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    What is wrong with monday?
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    Mondays are fine, it's your job that sucks.
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    Exactly the way I am feeling right now....and I like my job and workplace.

    Would much rather stay at home doing shit.
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    Why don't people like going to work? Isn't it better than being at home and doing nothing? At work you're busy and distracted, isn't that a good thing?
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    @Michelle you ever had a job? Either at something non dev related or dev related? Asking nicely before anyone says that this is a condescending question
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    @Michelle 100% agree
    In home I just play games instead of doing something useful
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    @kamen any job that is not me being a rich fat cat doing whatever I want sucks
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    @jeeper exactly. And honestly every single job in the planet that involves other people will always(fact) have bs in it
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    Also, a job keeps people from getting bored and lonely. So that's also a plus side.
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    @Michelle okay what? It was an honest question.....you asked why people don't like going to work and I mean to say why(from my point of view) but I really can't format my response unless I know if you've ever had a job.
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    Indeed! While struggling with an error who cares about fucking life?
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    Says otaku (ps have no idea what that means)
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