How about no?

Fuck you.

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    Well you're using iPhone, sooo
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    @CoffeeNcode pocket PC is MS PDA
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    Haha that thing will not even be able to access a modern website anyway because of http->https 301 forward and proper usage of TLS 1.2 only.
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    Can’t imagine a scenario writing about stuff like this at 5am...
    Must be a dream - a nightmare. So don’t worry it gets all right when you wake up :)
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    Oh, while you're there, can you please add support for Mosaic too? You know, I need to see the website on my Amiga computer
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    Just disable tls1.0 support, that pocketPC won’t be able to connect.

    And good luck with Netscape, everything you know today will not work 😂
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    fake, batteries wont last so long :)

    I had one too, pretty useless even then, but was proud to flaunt it everywhere.
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    @C0D4 But whatever worked that time, probably work today too in chrome.
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    @ajit555 table layouts and basic css. Can’t go to wrong there.
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    Excuse me, your site does not render correctly on lynx.
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    @bubblegumboy OH HEY. WELCOME TO DEVRANT

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    @ScriptCoded Well- at least it supports HTML5 LMFAO
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    I was legit just browsing old pocket pcs on amazon yesterday, how quaint
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    Lmao I remember my dad had a pocket PC, those things were the bomb back then
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    I bet you didnt send that reply
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    While you're at it, you should also made a WAP version to sell stuff to Egyptian mummies. The battery charge of the old Nokia mobiles they put into the coffins back then should still be at around 50%.
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    @zemaitis Of course I didn't-- That's my boss HAHAHAHAHAHA I still need the money 😂

    ...I'm such a corporate slave.
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    I still have my pocket pc, it still boots and works.
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    @TechnoTrumpet You must be my client 😂
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    @mogspls I dont think so
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    Haha I should buy a PocketPC to troll my developers
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    I doubt thats true
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