Me: "Concierge, I have noticed this issue with live potential on ground a couple of months ago, just a friendly reminder that this still hasn't been fixed."
Concierge: "Well yeah this building is certified (god I hate that word) so whatever measurements you've taken, it doesn't mean anything when it isn't done by the electricians."
M: "Aha, back to that piece of paper huh.. taking measurements requires a piece of paper these days, doesn't it."
C: "Glad you're quick on the uptake."
M: "Well I have the brains in my head to do a proper measurement without dying, and the numbers don't lie."
C: "What do you think that the landlord is going to say? I'm sure you still remember that email "DON'T TOUCH THE ELECTRICITY!""
C: "And remember that she'll probably rather file a complaint against you than to let an electrician come check it, because the latter costs money for something that's already certified."
M: "Well that sucks..."
C: "The certified electricians certified this building. Your hands are pretty much tied."
M: …

*walks off in frustration*

Now, as for the rant. *inhales deeply*


Yet I apparently can't do anything, because I refuse to certify myself. Now you know why I fucking hate certified enganeers, and why I use that word. The piece of paper doesn't mean shit when you can't back it with an actual fucking brain. And requiring a certificate to do stupid shit, even for changing a fucking light bulb, or a switch or an outlet or whatever. Certified enganeers, because fuckers like that don't deserve to be called engineers. You know what, certified motherfuckers? FUCK YOU!! I can change it myself and I don't (shouldn't) need a bloody fucking certificate for that!!

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    She'll lose more money on filing a complaint against you than asking for an electrician checking up on this... What the fuck x)
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    @xewl She's an idiot when it comes to both electricity and investments I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe registering that domain name that we talked about earlier and giving her that mailbox wouldn't be a bad idea :3
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    @Condor Huismeester.es hahahh
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    @xewl Yes, trut@huismeester.es, I'd so fucking gladly make a mailserver dedicated to that purpose, lol!
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    @Condor What's stopping you xD
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    @xewl registering it now :3
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    @xewl Hmm, looks like they don't support WhoisGuard. Maybe not a very good idea to register it then. I don't want people to know where I live :/
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    @Condor just register it with bullshit info for a while and when it gets suspended, do it again.
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    Ask for a copy of the paper, contact the engineer, ask them if they would like a chance to rectify the issue before you go public...
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    Could you explain for us non-electrician what it means? Is it life threatening? Or interfering with equipment?
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    @Condor haha hilarisch
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    @cjbatz hmm, not a bad idea actually. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Fradow not really. Touching it - to my surprise - doesn't do anything. Even though it carries a live potential that should be deadly.. so weird. Nonetheless, it's a problem because it indeed causes unwanted EMI. My oscilloscope with its high impedance probes does pick it up as a deformed sine wave. In circuit this isn't really a problem, but the insulation on the wires certainly isn't good EMC-wise. It also causes certain circuits of mine like a bistable 555 timer (2 push buttons that can cause the 555 timer to act as a latching switch) to trigger inadvertently, as their switch inputs are high impedance and charge themselves up to the trigger voltage from just the electromagnetic flux emitted by those mains wires. So interference is a problem, but that isn't really caused by the ground wire being live. The thing is, ground is used to connect metal enclosures, so that when the live rail connects to the enclosure and causes it to go live, it shorts out, trips a breaker and doesn't kill whoever touches the case. However, when the ground wire carries a live potential, metal enclosures are essentially permanently live, which is a big problem. But miraculously this mistake hasn't killed anyone.. mind blown here.

    Essentially it's not causing any problems, but it's a property that shouldn't be present in good circuits. Ground should always carry earth potential, i.e. 0V.
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    @Condor they should ... European TLD :/ Otherwise use Gandi, they should enforce it.
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    @Condor thanks for the explanation.

    Well, another way to go is to ask whoever handles that in your country to inspect for unwanted EMI. Almost every place has regulations on that.

    Or just try to abuse it to show it is a deadly threat. Again, pretty sure some people would be interested in investigating that!
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    Papertrail, let the landlord know if they don't do anything or file a complaint, file a complaint with the authorities or let the media know (however this probably would mean war with your landlord, so think about it before going down that road)
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    @freeme here you go 🙂
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