"Time to turn the pi off"

$ sudo shutdown now

* Laptop turns off *


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    That was fun lol
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    That's one of the first things my teacher has told me when working within a terminal: "you always have to know where(which system) you are."

    Still.. happened to me too ^^"
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    This is how I sometimes restart a service:

    "systemctl reboot something.service"
    (reboot instead of restart)

    System reboots without a question (:
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    @Kirito-kun you will remember when you one day wipe the production database by accident :D
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    hostname hostname hostname!
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    @arcadesdude it would be fun if I changed the hostnames to be the same, wouldn't it? 😆
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    @D3add3d If by fun you mean nefariously evil and without conscious...... Then yes. I'll be fun 😂
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    This right here is why I have my terminal to display a different hostname color if I'm sshed into a machine vs local.
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    I've had this with (one of my own) prod dedicated servers.

    After a few seconds I was like 'oh fuck me sideways' xD
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    Now just cut the cord
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    @Kirito-kun love your nickname, here, have lots of ++ 😉
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    @aritzh Thank you ^-^
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