When in the screening phone call the HR guy tells you will be using AngularJS. So, you brain like .. ok this is a good reason for you to learn it.

Now I can’t wait to do all the courses online to learn AngularJS lol

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    Don't worry there's a lot of 5 minute tutorials out there
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    @JoshBent that’s not enough .. I might use https://programmingwithmosh.com/ he’s pretty good
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    And then you learn it, get hired and find out they don't use Angular at all...
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    @shittywebdev at that moment you prepare yourself to learn the other things they have and store the AngularJS knowledge in backup memory lol
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    One question. Why learning angular js not angular 2+?
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    @LordLazy I might learn Angular 2 .. It makes more sense to do that :) Thank you
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    Wait! There is fundamental difference between angularJs and Angular..

    You spent 5 days preparing for the AngularJs test and on the day of interview you realise the HR is non-technical email spamming useless person and your test is on Angular5
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    @Kristiyan then they can enjoy the show of falling tears lol

    If I learn AngularJS or Angular2+ and it wasn’t the one they are using I have the following options:
    - tell them I can learn it just like I learned the other one and since I learned X its easy to learn Y.
    - If they say you don’t have the skill for it or its not what we are using, I will use the things I learned in my current company .. we are planning to use Angular any ways.

    Benefit both ways :)
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