In the first few months that I took coding seriously, I used to see a feature in some android apps that I really liked and wanted to do. One night in my sleep, I don't know how, but dreamed about it's solution and how to achieve it. So I snapped out of sleep at 2 am and started working on it. I finished it at around 5 am, but I was too exited and happy to go back to sleep, so I kept adding things to it and expanding it until 8 am, when I had to go to work. And at work I had to code until 5 pm, although we had one hour for food and resting. That was the longest I coded!

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    Neat. I had one of those dreams but it was a scary one about refactoring cuz i wrote hacky code that day. Needless to say a LOT of stuff was cleaned at 3AM that day
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