The amount of repetition and vagueness in this unsollicited recruiter job invite is insane: "Current Technology Sector Consultant". I've had 10's of invites from these recruiters on Linkedin, blocked all of them and they just keep coming back despite my Linkedin preference being set to let recruiters know "that I'm NOT open to opportunities"

If you ever get an offer from VMR consultants / J People consider these reviews carefully: https://glassdoor.co.uk/Reviews/....

I'm naming the company because it seriously deserves to be exposed for its bad practices towards both their potential and current employees.

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    They make it sound like you've been hand picked by the software development Avengers and have a skin tight suit and programming station ready for you. Hilarious.
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    Just read some reviews and it does look like a horrible shit hole.
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    That bs currently gave me cancer technology sector consultancies.
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