Do you remember how they say, you won't notice how much you miss something, until it's gone? Well this Island (Guadeloupe) is as beautiful as it can be! However the internet connection sucks. Big time!

Plus the humidity killed my laptop (or at least part of the keyboard including the keys I need for the partition unlock, which means no laptop until I'm home and replaced the keyboard.

I didn't bring it for work but to be able to look up stuff, maybee write some (non dev) stuff and such...

But to be honest since this vacation is so relaxing, I'm not even really mad. Strange.

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    Unlocking the partition 🤔 LUKS by any chance? Hey @lil-segfault, check this out! Not as uncommon here as you might think! 😁
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    @Condor there I'm currently stuck as one of the keys I need for the password is fucked. However I think it's purely a hardware problem and once I've connected an usb keyboard or replaced the keyboard, I should be fine...
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    @Wack one more reason to not engage water with electronics while they're choochin' 🙃
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    @Condor oh, they didn't go swimming, it's just the normal humidity here.
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    @Condor yes haha !
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    @wack yes dude, the humidity there is no joke I felt it as I left the airport haha
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    Is it one of those MacBooks?
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    @RageBone nope, good old lenovo thinkpad
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    @Wack that is good, but unfortunate.

    You should be able to get replacement parts / have it fixed by Lenovo.
    I heard they have good support and warranty and stuffs
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    @RageBone bought it back in 2013, so I doubt, that I'll still have waranty, however they are pretty easy to dissasemble, so no concerns changing it myself (:
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    @Wack good luck and much success.
    : )
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