Awhile ago someone mentioned Freepik and interested to buy the premium package, if my memory serves me. I forgot who.

But Freepik is giving 40% off right now.

// I'm just a Freepik user sharing for anyone interested. I don't get any promotion fees (sadly) ☹️

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    I love how they drew the kids going to school as crying. Going back to school is a bad thing that should make one sad, right? Wanketeering done 100% right, sadness in an ad and depicting school as a terrible thing :v
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    cool, it was me.
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    @Condor lol 😆😆😆
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    freepik is like the stackoverflow of design
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    @Condor waking up early is always a bad thing for me.
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    @AleCx04 same here.. kinda sucks that they don't open schools and businesses that operate exclusively at night for us nocturnal peeps 😔
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    I'm just completely immature here... But in Danish "pik" => "Dick" 😂😅
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    @KasperNS lmao i should find Danish girls there :P
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    @KasperNS lmao freeDICKcompany

    I am pretty childish myself
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