"Please disable incognito mode to view the content."

No. I'll just leave. Bye.

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    are they serious?
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    @git-gud Yup, sad times, everyone wants to track and sell information.
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    @lesnar was it trying to open an app or some external software or are they just assholes?
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    I didn't know you can detect when the user is in incognito mode.
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    if you're in incognito mode, clearly there's a fucking reason for it lol whether it be circumventing saved cookies to test something or watching porn lol
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    @MrCSharp I mean I'm just guessing here but maybe they can detect it somehow because you can't use cookies or something? that's a complete shot in the dark tho
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    @SauceBoss oh very cool
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    On this shitty websites I just disable javascript. Sometimes is not enough but usually is.

    This shit has to end.....
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    Actually you can't watch anything in Netflix, Amazon Prime while in incognito mode.
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