GitHub is down. House about to be flooded by a hurricane. Data Centers about to be flooded by a hurricane. Dentist appointment today. ... you know what's going well for me today? Coffee. I have a fucking cup of coffee.

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    Dude we're fixing to get fucked up by this one.

    It's always the fucking hurricanes that start with F.... Fran in '96, Floyd in '99 and now Florence in '18.
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    GH is no longer down
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    @Stuxnet I lived in Florida through Andrew, and the year with Charlie, Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne. Personally, I'm prepared for it (now in NC). If this storm is anything like the super storm that hit NYC, then we'll see Data Centers without their ability to get diesel, and flooded generators unable to power data centers. I imagine AWS would simply not power their lower paying and non Gov-Cloud customers, but I'd hate to see the fallout of a situation like that.... I'm looking at options to put cold-standby storage over on the west coast tonight and tomorrow, just so the data is staged there. Things I should have done months ago!
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    @Stuxnet and let's not forget Katrina. The F is silent and you can't see it.
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    @snaz Yeah that one was a huge bitch.

    Just didn't fit my rant against the F'ing F hurricanes lol
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    WorstDaysInHistory.push( this /*shit*/ )
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    At least there are good news.
    Top datacenters nowadays use extremely sophisticated sync and async remote replication services, so while brief downtimes are possible, dataloss or long term unavailability are out of the question.
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    @Noob I agree with you, but that replication takes place within the same city... unless you pay for the heftier data replication. Assuming a catastrophic event turned Northern Virginia into an island, are we prepared?
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    @juneeighteen It costs a lot, but most serious datacenters are replicated to a remote location.
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    "House about to be flooded by a hurricane". This statement hurts my brain.
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    @Fexell We were spared with an unexpected turn to the south. My heart breaks for those on our coast who weren't as fortunate.
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    @juneeighteen That's not what I meant, really. What I meant was that a hurricane isn't liquid. It can cause a flood, but itself cannot flood.
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