What password manager do you use? and for what purpose?

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    Just got so much accounts, that its easier and more secure for me, to throw them in the password-db.
    I switched to it, after my PSN-account got breached last year.
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    LastPass-it's free...has a lot of nice features...
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    Last pass with 2FA.

    Although I have seen they don’t encrypt all data that head for their servers (meta / identifiers) which leads me to want to use another.
    But at the same time - importing all those accounts into another manager is going to be a pain in the ass... so 🤷‍♂️
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    The keyfile is on my thumb stick which is on my keyring.
    I use it for almost all accounts with generated passwords and password change reminders.
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    LastPass but moving towards Bitwarden. Once I figure out how to migrate
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    None. I deviced algorithm to create password for all websites. :p
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    I built my own program that directly connects to a private server with ssl and an extra layer of e2ee cause why not, all passwords are encrypted in the database and the key is my master password i use to log into the application which isnt stored anywhere, when i retrieve a password i provide the key. So if i forgot my master password i can never retrieve ny passwords. I have a couple extra security features for redundancy like device specific id that thr server only accepts connections from devices with the right id. I have to manually set thr id in the server side if i get a new device. And since its my own custom buikt program, for someone to get their hands on thr source to try decompile/replicate it they would have to steal my physical pc and hack that first
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    pass (https://www.passwordstore.org/)

    Simply because it's easy to use, open source and with git even more powerful
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    Because I have goldfish brain.
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    @git-fuckyou I thought you fucking hate git.
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    I use pass on my linux machines, centralised through git. (www.passwordstore.org)
    There's also an android client for pass called Password Store, which used in conjunction with some key manager like open keychain is awesome.
    The only hiccup is setting up pass on a new machine, there's no streamlined method for this and that's a real pain in the ass.
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