I need to write a standalone server in Java 1.7 and have it

-handle GET urls and map them to different classes/methods
-extract the query params and expose them to the method
-Can respond in JSON by serialising the POJO or a list of them

We have an existing server I think that uses JBoss but takes forever to start and uses a lot of memory.

I also wrote one before with just a (Grizzly?) HttpServer so had to manually implement the above as needed. Only needed it to do one thing so really just 1 path.

Similar situation this time but I'd prefer to not have to implement this stuff manually and need it to be a bit more flexible to extension.

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    What library/framework can I use?
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    @growling That's a coming framework? How does it start and configure a server?
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    You can use Spring Boot which uses embedded tomcat by default. You can also swap out tomcat for jetty if you like.
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    @stryter so I can like annotate the classes and methods so it gets the query params and and just return objects which it will serialize automatically?

    Guess will give it a try thanks.
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    Another framework would be Dropwizard, you can use annotations path resolving and for your parameters.
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    @billgates absolutely. You actually have a variety of ways to tackle the problem you are describing with Spring (Boot).

    I would highly recommend giving it a shot. You won't be disappointed :)
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