iphone 7

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    You were not impressed my the 7
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    iPhones are alright for an average user but I die a little inside when I see a Linux heavy user own one....... they exist.
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    @Oceas I'm thinking of disowning my best friend over this. 😂
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    @Oceas why? Do you not understand that people can have different preferences?
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    @jetpks oh absolutely everyone can have there own preferences. Just personally most people I know use Linux for freedom to tinker, customize and develop and from personal experience Android allows this while iOS is more lock downed and forces more conformity which is fine for the average user. In a developer mindset however (excluding iOS devs here) iPhones don't offer the flexibility that would be preferred(see personal use case for Linux above).

    Also it's ofc meant as a joke that's why the post was so short 😃
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    @Oceas There are perfectly valid reasons even the most technical users could prefer iOS. Have a look at Ivan Kristin's blackhat talk from earlier this year.
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    @jetpks I'll have to check it out thanks.
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    @Oceas I'm a Linux user, and I love customising my Arch desktop (started on KDE back in the 90s, used XFCE for a long time, currently trying MATE, want to give Gnome 3 another go since it's matured a bit, blah blah) but honestly I do not want my phone to be a hobby. I want 100% reliable cloud backups. I want software updates that don't make me gulp nervously that I might have to re-image my phone if it goes wrong. I don't want my storage to be an sd card with three different ways to mount it. I want to keep the same handset for three years and know that I will still get OS updates.
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