I feel I need to write some side project summary somewhere.

So here it is about 3 months later:

- deleted 90% of code I created during last 3 months
- rewrote backed 5 times
- 200 lines POC still waiting to put in any meaningful architecture on frontend
- frontend part after aurelia, next, gatsby, react I think it would be vue powered by nuxtjs
- forced myself to buy food for whole week and don’t go out (except go running ) before I finish at least what I wrote on whiteboard

Now some positive news:

- there is not much left to be fucked up, removed or unnecessary added
- I think I got a plan
- this is probably first side project that makes me happy for such long time
- there is some probability it would help people and this is what I want to do in my life

Most important is that I know it would take at least half a year to do basic version of it and I don’t care.

Wish me luck so I can put some sneak peak after next 3 months.

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