I am learning HTML and CSS through Cengage and honestly it ruins my life. I type in the code EXACTLY as the textbook has it, but apparently its still wrong

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    Maybe the textbook as errors itself, that happens. Or it is outdated and modern browsers behave differently. Or it is misleading.
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    Cengage can be a real bitch

    I'm using it for a database class and it's very fucking sensitive
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    I think your problem is css? Never have I blamed html dor anything before
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    @devTea same. I actually enjoy html quite a bit. Its the cas portion that irritates me since it really does require a copious amount of study+discipline and eye for design which I do not have. Yet if someone hands me a photoshop design I can make it happen. I just don't enjoy design at all.

    I love frontend tools like React, Angular and Vue, programmatic frontend makes sense to me and it is fun af. But toying with css just makes everything annoying
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    Html - you can write anything you want and it will work unless you are using html4 in strict mode - those were the painful days.

    Css - unless you knew what css 1,2 and 2.1, was then you probably don’t use css but only libraries with class selectors - css1 was the bomb and browser compatibility with css 2 was suicidal at best.😉
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