We use some odd names during development cycles as devs.

Anyone have favorite Git repository or code names for projects you have worked on?

I had project "furry-wookie" for a personal project once upon a time.

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    Few weeks back we created a repo called jkrowlings , some other names a, b, c.....
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    Sometimes I find variables named 'bitches', 'cookies' or names of colleagues.

    So I added the 'dick' filter :)
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    6 balls 1 objective
    School project tho
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    I got a name for my next pup. Furry. Thank you.
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    My current personal project depends on something called 'Fuzzywuzzy'. It's a python library meant to make it easy to search for incomplete strings.
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    I use star signs as code names :) (virgo, leo, pisces etc, anything WordPress automatically gets "Cancer")

    Leo is my favourite, I mean come on, a lion? That's badass
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