So is Gitlab still best free private repository manager?

I vaguely remember something that they did few months ago thay made many angry

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    gitlab is ok but it needs a lot of resources. if you want something small and simple take a look at gogs or gitea
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    They move to google servers.
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    Gitea is nice and runs well on a cheap vps unlike gitlab.
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    @Codex404 And this is the reason I'm migrating to self hosted (and thus away from gitlab) soon.
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    @linuxxx gitlab is also selfhosted ^^
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    @linuxxx I manage a self hosted gitlab at the company I work for.
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    @Codex404 @TobyAsE Isn't it quite heavy? Also I've got moral objections to using it now :/
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    @linuxxx I really fucking love it!
    Their recommended specs are quite high, but it depends on how many users you have. We are very small, 5 people work here and only two work regularly with git.
    It runs in a Ubuntu VM (in hyperv) with two cores of a ryzen and I trimmed the ram from recommend 8 to 6 GB. On that host there is other stuff running (Jenkins and Rocketchat, both rarely used, but they are there in the background) so the specs for just running gitlab could be even lower. Even now we have a lot of headroom.
    Apart from me being too dumb to manage everything correctly and updating it the gitlab runs flawlessly.
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    I'm currently on Bitbucket and it has some nice features (free private repos, pipelines etc). GitLab is so unstable 😔
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    Self-hosted gitlab can be a real bitch.
    I'm pretty happy with gitea.(:
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    @linuxxx its heavier than a plain git server somewhere, but Ive ran gitlab on a pi, it was slow but usable.
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    Bit bucket anyone???😋😉
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    I run a local gitlab, been almost 10 months and still no trouble at all with it. I really like it locally but I'm planning on going for an online host but then I think of it, this means I need to take care of backup, security ...etc. so I just use their instance for online git lol
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