Apple A12:

• 7nm
• 6.9B transistors
• 6 CPU cores
• 4 GPU cores
• 8 “neural” cores
• 5 trillion ops/sec
• 512GB addressable storage
• Oh and the rest of the “stuff” for a SoC

tl;dr Apple is the leading chip innovator and creator in the world.

Don't @ me

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    Go back 15 years to 2003. Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu were the leading PC vendors. Intel dominated with the 90nm Pentium 4. RIM owned mobile. Apple… made iPods. It would have been madness to predict that in 15 years Apple would be the first past the post with a chip like this.
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    It’s nuts how fast the A11 was already.
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    And it's got a 720p screen
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    And still, the phones will never access the full usage of the chip.
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    @Stocken they are going all in on AR and ML
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