Really? Is really offensive to you ? The hek

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    Yea we gotta go with daddy/princess
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    It is for the python dev team apparently.

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    @nicolasm are you fucking kidding me! These guys are just fucking up with my blood pressure!
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    If it's for inclusiveness as they say, doesn't the latest change make master/slaves excluded?!

    I see there are many people out there who loves being a slave of some master. Just look up people who are into BDSM.
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    Is not using the terms master/slave really that offensive to you? What do you gain using them? As long as readabillity of code is kept, I don't see any issue with it. If it makes colleagues feel better, why the fuck not? A compiler definetly wouldn't care, so why would you?
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    When I am king, this will count as disrupting the community and therefore grounds for being ejected from it.

    This is not a worthwhile use of effort.
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    @Wack The terminology of master and slave fits perfectly for describing the situation, much better than the chosen alternatives.
    Furthermore they are words that have been used for this for a long time now and are known, they are standards. Changing them only to make a small amount of people happy isn't worth the effort of changing it, of losing the best fitting terminology and having future people reading it don't understand it as good as they would with known master/slave.
    You cannot make everyone happy, everythint can potentionally be offending to anyone, so you shouldn't even try to and use the best fitting words instead.
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    @ganjaman I'm calling my servers that now
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    you offended me because slave should be in the second line
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    I vote for American/Muslim

    For those that take offense this is obviously a joke based on the current political climate of this country.
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    @Wack @tacticalKimchi @CircuitRCAY @rsync

    Hey you seem like respecting whamen people, plz support my latest rant and my petition to change the world of programming.

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    Unbe-fucking-lievable. Python, Django, GCP, all of them. Fuck them for giving in to this garbage. I've said it so many times already. Where does it end? Do electronics engineers soon also have to stop calling plugs and sockets male and female, because even though that's how classical sex goes - you plug something into something else! - it may offend some because we didn't consider the feelings about the gender identity that the fucking plugs and sockets may have?! Oh wait, the idea of linking it to classical sex, that's offensive too right? Because somewhere in the Kama Sutra there has to be a pose that doesn't involve sticking something into something else. And inclusiveness for lesbian sockets, plugging a socket into another socket which isn't even possible without a male adapter plug! But let's not call the male plug male anymore because a dildo is genderless!!!

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