Calling All Developers!

This is very very random, but I am taking an IT Careers class for my software Development degree. As my last assignment, I need to interview a software developer. I don't know any personally and we were told we can reach out to people online who have had lots of experience. I don't know if this is too weird, but I need an interviewee just to answer about 20 questions. I'm so stuck and don't know where to go!

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    Do you want to have like a personal interview (mail/dm/chat) or do you just have to put up a questionaire?
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    if you're allowed to do it via email, I can help you out too
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    Find a known project which you like on Github and ask the maintainers. Just write a mail or open an issue.
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    As per @Wack, if you make a questionnaire I'd be happy to fill it out.
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    @Wack Honestly either, but preferably more personal
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    @CheyC all right, mail? Oder som IM?
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