Close relative: Hey, what is my gmail password?
Me: I have no idea.
Him: but you created the gmail account for me a couple years ago.
Me: Yeah, I helped you to create it and I warned you to remember your password.
Him: didn’t you write it down somewhere?
Me: no, I didn’t, you fucking useless piece of shit. I am not your fucking password manager.

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    Hey you shouldn't call your relatives that.
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    @panda-roux Yeah I wouldn't like being called a Password manager either. Some of us do have actual jobs. Like Code Janitor, for one.
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    @fuck2code I think you feel FOR him. Actually feeling him is something very different 😜
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    @fuck2code he needs to go deeper for you to feel him more
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    @fuck2code but I'm not.
    It's true that you're gay for us. But I'm straight.
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    @agentQ I'm more of a pixel pusher, myself.
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    @fuck2code SRY BUT I PROTECC
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    @fuck2code BRUMMM... SKRRRRAAAAAA
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    @AlexDeLarge so does here's my 50c as you never really give them away when passing your opinion..
    and 'I feel you' is actually valid slang term, regardles of how gay you sound 😂😂
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    “I feel you” is totally valid. Another good one is “I fuck wit you”
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    I came here to relate with the annoyance of relatives.

    I didn't expect the surprise verbal butt sex.

    You lads are spending far too much time trying to figure out what "gay", "lesbian" and "homosexuality" means. Just fuck and figure it out already.
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    Plot twist, you still remember the password
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    Only jacking threads?
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    @minij0ker nope, I forgot it the next minute I created his account.
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    How infuriating. Worse yet is when someone asks you a question about computers and then tries to argue with your answer. If you didn't want my answer, DON'T ASK ME.
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    Yeah my mom asks me sometimes what her password is... funnilly enough I know it... brute forced it once... took me 3 guesses xD
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    I gotta weigh in on this.

    The connotations of “I feel you” in American English are completely benign. “I feel you, man” is entirely unsexual.

    “I feel you so much“ however, is rarely said, and sounds a little off. Americans would usually say “I feel you. That sucks.” Or “I get that, I hate stuff like that.”

    Other synonymous slang: “I get that”, “I gotcha”, “Oh totally”, “I know right?”
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    Oh totally.
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    @fuck2code Fuck sake dude, buy me dinner first and don't tell my boyfriend.
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    The same thing with client and I.
    I Wish I was bold enough fuck him up
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    I feel you vs i feel for you.

    Its the same exact shit. It just depends where you are from.

    Culuture, over time, attaches meaning to words and group of words.

    While. Logically the seem different, culturally they may be exactly the same.

    I support my pink fellow, event if there is a lot of pink there! @fuck2code
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    @fuck2code im all for a pink gang. With pink motorbikes and pink flames.

    My masculinity does not need fire flames to burn strong!
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    I have had this situation so damn much.

    Edit: The damn account was not even created by me, so I know nothing of the account.
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    I've always thought of 'I feel you' as a contraction of 'I feel your pain', so I've never really thought of taking it literally. Now however, next time someone says it around me I'm gonna struggle not to laugh, especially if the situation is serious!
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